Around the world, various studies have been conducted showing the huge prevalence of insomnia patients, and how vastly those numbers regularly increase. It is said that around 30% of people struggled with insomnia week after week, according to various studies. A large amount of these numbers is shown to include older adults, females, and many show to have underlying mental health problems, like anxiety. Untreated, these mental health problems can lead to sleeping difficulties being a regular part of day-to-day living.

Is stress or anxiety playing havoc with your sleeping pattern? Have you reached your limit on how long it takes to fall asleep each night? Perhaps your private and professional life is affected by too little rest? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Eszopiclone might be just what you are looking for.

What is Eszopiclone?

Much like medications for many other conditions, there are several different classes of drugs that have been created over the years to address insomnia. Eszopiclone belongs to a drug class that is known as sedative-hypnotic z-drugs, or non-benzodiazepine. Unlike benzodiazepines, these medications are said to have a low disruption of normal sleep architecture. This simply means that z-drugs will allow the brain to maintain its organized sleep patterns, generally including deeper sleep during earlier stages of the night.

Of the medications that are available to treat insomnia, or anxiety-induced insomnia, it is said that z-drugs like Eszopiclone are the safer option compared to benzodiazepines for several reasons. Using medications like Eszopiclone has proven to relieve anxiety and panic without a massive influence of sedation taking place. This also cuts out the patient experiencing any type of anterograde amnesia following the use of the medication, as well as removing the anticonvulsant effects. This offers a more precise attack on anxiety and insomnia than older benzodiazepines can.

What is Eszopiclone Used for?

Eszopiclone is used to battle different severities of insomnia that keep people from getting the sleep that they need each night. It should be noted that medications like Eszopiclone should not become the dependent source of achieving proper sleep at night. Instead, patients should use Eszopiclone as a tool to train their mind and body into a healthy sleep schedule, and nighttime habits that can overall show great benefits.

Acute insomnia is the most common type of insomnia, which generally is caused by bad news, or stressful situations such as financial problems, job loss, or divorce. Acute insomnia is generally defined as being a problem 1 night a week for a period of over 1 month. While 1 night per week of difficult sleeping may not seem bad, it can negatively impact a persons entire week.

Chronic insomnia is, of course, a more severe form of insomnia that is experienced at least 3 nights per week, for a period of 3 or more months consecutively. Most of the time, those with chronic insomnia have a long history of difficulty falling asleep at night. This condition takes a large amount of commitment to changing nighttime routines with the use of medications like Eszopiclone, helping build a functional routine.

Maintenance insomnia is another type of sleep disorder, which results in the patient waking from sleep early and having difficulties getting back to sleep. This severity of insomnia can be easier to get under control with several weeks of medicating, and adjustments to nighttime routines.

Additional Benefits of Eszopiclone

If there is something that patients will take notice of when using Eszopiclone, it is the incredible benefits that will be taken away from day 1 of use. Medications like eszopiclone help millions of people get the sleep they need each night, fighting past that nighttime anxiety. At one point or another, everyone has downs in their lives which may lead to depression, stress, anxiety or even PTSD, making trying to sleep a nightmare. For these people in particular, medications like Eszopiclone can be the change that their life requires to move forward.

In this life, there are several things that humans need the most, including food, air, and equally important is proper sleep. Without sleep, everything is simply more difficult. During hours of deep sleep, our bodies heal the most, both mentally and physically, muscles resupply with blood, and cells begin to regenerate. This is also when our immune systems strengthen, getting our bodies prepared for potential illness or infection. For some, without the use of medicines like Eszopiclone, achieving these benefits is simply not possible.

Further benefits that are achievable when using a strong insomnia medication like Eszopiclone to get proper sleep are:

  • Massive reduction in stress, and risk of depression
  • Helps to maintain healthy body weight
  • Helps keep a strong heart
  • Dreaming can improve memory functions
  • Proper sleep helps hold composure while enduring stressful situations

Eszopiclone Dosage Info

In order to achieve the desired outcomes when using Eszopiclone, carefully following the recommended guidelines set out by the manufacturer is essential. This is the number 1 way to achieve the intended results, while avoiding the undesired side effects that may be experienced otherwise. Proper dosing of Eszopiclone is very simple, and generally will be the same for each person using it.

The recommended dosage for those with chronic insomnia is 2mg, or one tablet of Eszopiclone taken 30-60 minutes before going to bed. When first beginning use of this medication, it is a good idea to begin at the lowest dosage option, which is 1mg, or half of a tablet. If the desired outcome is found with this dosage, then the user can continue with 1mg, until they begin feeling a tolerance build. If this dosage begins feeling like too little, move to a full tablet, or 2mg.

It is recommended to take Eszopiclone with a full glass of water, helping to avoid possible side effects. It is ok to take Eszopiclone with food, however, if a high-fat meal is consumed it may slow the metabolism of the medication, delaying and lowering the desired effects.

Eszopiclone Side Effects

While eszopiclone is overall very well tolerated for use as a medication to relieve insomnia bouts, like all pharmaceuticals there is a potential of it causing some side effects. For those who are prescribed Eszopiclone, this was done knowing that the benefits from the medication vastly outweigh the potential of experiencing any slight side effects that may occur. This should be kept in mind if you have trouble sleeping, but are wary of the potential side effects when using this medication.

Side effects will for the most part only be experienced by those who are mis-using or abusing the medication. When safe and proper usage instructions are followed, at most just 2% of patients will experience any side effects. Some of the most commonly experienced side effects that have been reported from the use of Eszopiclone are:

  • Dizziness
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Headaches
  • Unusual dreams

These are considered rather mild side effects and are likely to only be experienced when beginning use of this medication. After a few days of use at most, the body should adapt to the medication, eliminating the side effects. For further details regarding side effects, please locate the included patient information leaflet included with the medication.

Is Eszopiclone Safe for Everyone?

When looking for the safest medication options available for addressing severe insomnia, or anxiety-induced insomnia, z-drugs such as Eszopiclone are at the forefront. When put side by side with the older benzodiazepine medications, these z-drugs have truly shown a massive increase in not just performance, but also safety profile. When looking in terms of elderly patients, it is generally recommended not to use strong sleeping medication. Z-drugs, however, have been shown to lower the risk of next-day fatigue and amnesia that benzodiazepines are notorious for in elderly patients.

The original form of Eszopiclone, known as Lunesta, was originally approved by the FDA in 2004, and was the only available option for 10 years. In 2014, generic versions of Lunesta were beginning to be launched onto the market, with promises of offering the same effects and safety profiles as the original successor. Before being launched, these generic versions were required to undergo reviews conducted by the FDA Generic Drug Program. These reviews are rather strenuous, allowing for little-to-no change between the generic and the successor.

These Generic medications are required to offer an identical active ingredient, and no dangerous adulterants. The only change that is allowed to be made in generics, while still gripping onto FDA approval is the non-active ingredient used. This is enough to give those with doubts about generic medications the mental boost they need to trust these great medications.

Reviews of Eszopiclone

When buying from an unfamiliar online company, or even from a high-street shop, products that are new to us are more comfortable to buy following reading user reviews. Customer reviews are really at the forefront of a product, or a companies overall success, as this is what will make or break product desire. Some reports claim that nearly 90% of consumers will do brief research for product reviews when considering an unfamiliar purchase. If 90% of people considering a product read negative reviews, then that may be the end of that products chance of success.

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Before You Buy Eszopiclone

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