Painkillers, also known as analgesics are medications that are taken to relieve different kinds of pain, from minor headaches to injuries, or even pain from medical conditions like arthritis. There are two main types of painkillers, anti-inflammatory, which of course reduces inflammation causing pain, and opiate painkillers, which adjusts how the brain interprets the pain.

Opiate painkillers are typically not available for purchase without having a prescription from the doctor, as they are the stronger of the medicines. Many people have a difficult time convincing their doctor that they require these stronger medicines, and are stuck wasting money on over the counter (OTC) medications that do not work for severe pain.

Do you live with moderate to severe pain daily, and have trouble getting the medications you require? Tired of spending money on over the counter drugs that barely address the pain? Perhaps your current medication is ineffective and you need something stronger? Whatever your reason is, we are here to give those in need of relief access to the medications they require. Read along and find out how our medications can help save you time, pain, and money.

Who Uses Painkillers?

For the average person who is dealing with a minor bit of pain, from maybe a fall or a toothache, over the counter medications will likely prove me be effective aids. For those who are dealing with higher levels of chronic pain brought on by health conditions, long-term injuries, or surgeries, stronger painkillers are much more effective.

Following any major surgery, it is more likely than not that the patient will require a few weeks of pain medication during the healing process. While the body does heal rather quickly, this period of time can still prove to be difficult, with large bouts of pain. When a patient is given effective painkillers, this will make the recovery period drastically easier to get through.

Millions of people have underlying conditions which lead to chronic pain at every waking moment, and many of these patients, unfortunately, rely on the effects of painkillers just to get through the day. For many people working in demanding industries requiring heavy lifting, or awkward lifting situations, back injuries are a very regular occurrence, requiring strong medications. Without the help of analgesics while recovering from a back injury, it can prove almost impossible just to get out of bed.

How Do Painkillers Work?

Typical over the counter painkillers, also known as NSAIDs, work by inhibiting the effect of enzymes called cyclo-oxygenase, or COX. COX enzymes help create chemicals called prostaglandins, some of which are involved in the promotion of pain and inflammation at the site of damage or injury. When prostaglandins are reduced, both pain and inflammation become reduced.

Painkillers like Amitriptyline, used for nerve pain, back pain, and as prevention to migraine attacks, function rather differently. This type of analgesic works by increasing the levels of hormones such as serotonin and norepinephrine, which play a role in pain modulation. It is believed the medication accumulates outside the nerve cells, reducing the pain messages in the spinal cord.

Opioid painkillers work by binding to specific opioid receptors in the central nervous system, gut, as well as other parts of the body. This helps the brain to interpret the pain in a different manner than it would without the medication, as well as increase the overall pain tolerance. There are many different strengths of opioid-based medications available, and while they do offer the same effects, some can be substantially stronger than others.

Do Painkillers Have Side Effects?

While painkillers are an essential medication for millions of people every single day, they do come alongside the possibility of side effects being encountered. The leading cause of side effects while using these analgesics is misuse, abuse, or failure to follow recommended guidelines from the manufacturer or doctor. As with most pharmaceuticals, proper use must be practiced while taking painkillers.

Some of the more common side effects that are reported while using painkillers are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Itching
  • Sweating
  • Constipation

If this patient experiencing any of these side effects requires the medication for a longer period, these side effects may no longer occur as the body adjusts to the painkillers presence. Consuming water and staying hydrated while using analgesics is recommended, and will help mellow side effects. It is a good idea to take analgesics with a meal, as the medicine could upset the stomach.

There are some more severe side effects from the use of painkillers that could be more long-term, and dangerous for the user. Some of these more severe side effects that can occur are:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Heightened tolerance, requiring higher doses to achieve the effects
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction

It is important to note that while most patients are able to stop the use of these medications, some painkillers can cause dependency, leading to addiction. Those with previous dependency problems should first speak with their doctor before use.

Are Painkillers Safe?

Painkillers, when taken responsibly, are a rather safe method of getting rid of severe pain, but like many medications, can be dangerous with misuse. It is very important that unless advised by a doctor, analgesic medications should not be taken daily for dealing with treatable pain. When used daily, these medications can begin to cause dependency issues. Patients using these daily can also gain a tolerance to the medications, requiring higher and higher dosages each time the bodies tolerance is raised.

All analgesic medications are closely watched under the eye of the FDA, and all must pass FDA approval prior to being sold to the public. This also goes for generic versions of the medicines. When a generic brand releases a new medication for public sale, it must be reviewed by the FDA Generic Drug Program before being legal for sale. We do not sell any medications that have not undergone these reviews, assuring we carry the safest medications available.

Over the Counter Painkillers

Over the counter painkillers are a very important medicine and should be the go-to option for mild levels of pain or headaches. Mild pain can include things like sore muscles, toothache, mild joint pain, or any other pain that is more of a discomfort than an intrusive level of pain. Medications such as Tylenol, and Advil are great for these types of pain, and are highly encouraged before using a strong painkiller. While these over the counter painkillers are able to address mild to moderate levels of pain, they will not be strong enough to address severe pain.

Which Painkillers are the Best?

This can be a very open-ended question, as there are so many different situations that can require different strength medications. The best pain medicine will differ between someone with a headache, and someone who is recovering from surgery, or has a painful health condition. When the pain that is being experienced is just a mild-moderate discomfort like sore muscles from exercise, over the counter NSAIDs will do the job. It can be a good idea to always try using weaker pain medicines before strong ones.

For somebody who is experiencing higher levels of pain, perhaps following an accident or surgery, stronger painkillers are likely going to be required for any relief. Medications like Tramadol, and dihydrocodeine will prove to be more effective in these situations than medications like Ibuprofen or Aspirin.

For neuropathic pain caused by disease, infection, or neuralgia, medications like Amitriptyline will likely be a better option. Painkillers such as this are known to treat nerve pain, and could be used hand in hand with medication from the NSAID category for better results.

Reviews of Painkillers

Much like other industries, reviews and user feedback from the use of painkillers, or pharmaceuticals in general, is very important. Considering there are quite a lot of different analgesics available, it is difficult to be sure which is best for each individual case without a doctors lead. One way to help with that is reviews from others with the same, or similar conditions. When patients are given guidance in which medication will best suit them, it can benefit them greatly when their medication arrives, assuring an appropriate choice was made.

Since reviews are really at the forefront of a company or a product, they play a massive role in the overall success of a company or product. This is a very important aspect of buying products online. There are millions of marketplaces and vendors online, most of who sell authentic products and are legitimate companies, however, there are many rogue operators. Having open platforms for customers to share any negative experiences they may have had with a vendor is crucial in being sure others can avoid fraudulent websites.

Benefits of Painkillers

Painkillers come with many benefits for those who need their assistance. Many people suffering from chronic, or severe pain are unable to function normally without the help of analgesic medicines. The use of these drugs allows them to do things they may otherwise find impossible, like walking, sleeping, or going to the bathroom. Having the benefits of these great medications allows these people to lead a fuller life rather than being bed-ridden for large periods of time.

These medications are used to benefit millions of elderly patients worldwide who endure injuries due to falling, severe body aches due to age, or any other pains. For some of these patients, without access to powerful painkillers, simply trying to survive can prove impossible.

The benefits of choosing to buy your painkillers online can be shown before you even receive your order. Many have a difficult time getting a prescription for the medications they need, or cannot afford the expensive prices charged at the chemist. When ordering online, there is no need for prescriptions, and the savings are jaw-dropping.

Before You Buy Painkillers Online

Before heading to the local high street chemist to buy your painkillers, it is a good idea to weigh the benefits that can be had when shopping online. When you use an online pharmacy, there is no need for a prescription from your doctor to get the medication that you require. We also do not require any sort of online consultation or appointment before ordering. All that is required is to be 18 years of age or older, with the intent to use the medication responsibly.

Buying your analgesics from an online pharmacy can save massive amounts of time, frustration, and most importantly, money. Since we do not have the same overheads as a traditional pharmacy, and purchase bulk medications directly from the manufacturer, our medications are available for much less.

Ordering online also provides a higher level of discretion for clients. Every order that is sent from dispatch is done so in a plain envelope, with no indication of it containing medication. An anonymous descriptor name is used on both the packaging, and the clients bank statement.

Buy Painkillers Online Without a Prescription

Now that you are more familiar with analgesic medicines, and how they can benefit your life, all that is left to do is place your order. With our great selection of high-quality painkillers available to order online, we are sure to have what you require. After you have decided on which medication is best for you, decide on a quantity. Remember that the higher the quantity, the less each tablet will cost.

After choosing a quantity and adding the medication to your shopping cart, move on to checkout. Once at the checkout section, you will be asked to input all the required information, following choosing a payment method. We offer several convenient payment methods in the forms of Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Bitcoin, and bank transfers.

On completion of payment, you can expect to receive an email confirming the payment, the discreet name that will appear on your bank statement and the estimated delivery date. On dispatch of your order a second email will be sent, confirming the shipment of the order and the tracking number for the package. Orders are expected to be delivered in approximately 2 - 7 business locally and internationally.

For those suffering from pain regularly, and are looking for a simpler and cost-effective source of high-quality analgesic medications, order from our website today.

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