Refund Policy

As a general rule, we will only offer a refund if we were unable to deliver your item. Once you have placed an order from our website and you have paid for the order, a refund will not be issued unless as already specified, for some reason we are unable to send your order. In general, this would never happen because we vet all orders carefully before taking payment and only take payment for order that we deem suitable, and most importantly, if we have stock available to fulfil the individual order.

Since we stock only highest quality generic brands, including but not limited to Valium 10 mgActavis diazepam , Galenika Bensedin 10 mg , MSJ Diazepam 10 mg and Diazepan Prodes 10 mg, claims that the medication did not work as expected will not be entertained. When you take medication from the benzodiazepine family for extended periods of time, you will build up a tolerance to the drug, and you will be required to take more of the drug to get the same feeling.

If you have been using the medication for an extended period of time, it is your responsibility to factor this in and any claims of this nature will be cross-referenced with our database to determine your suitability for using our services in the future. You are free to order as much as you wish, however, suspected misuse or abuse of the medication will result in suspension of services. For more information on this topic please see our terms and conditions.

Return Policy

For safety reasons, once a medication has left our secure storage facility, it cannot be reintroduced back into stock. For this reason, we do not accept any returns. If the goods you received were damaged in transit, it is important that you send us a picture that clearly shows the damaged goods, along with the envelope the order was packed in.

For the most part, this is extremely rare, and at the most we get complaints from time to time that 1 pill out of 30 had popped out of its blister pack. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over how third-party postal services handle our goods, we would like to be informed so that we can report the issue directly.

Dispute Policy

In rare cases where an order gets lost in the post and goes undelivered, we totally understand that you want the goods you paid for resent ASAP. If you have not received your order inside the time frame specified in the payment confirmation email, please contact us immediately. We monitor all tracking IDs to ensure a safe delivery and once delivered we submit these tracking receipts to our bank for payment.

If you think your order is missing, do not worry. Please let us know at your earliest convenience and we will check out records and tracking IDs to easily determine if your order was in fact delivered to your post code, regardless to who signed for the delivery.

Do You Have a Dispute?

As a legitimate company, we are available 24 hours a day and welcome all forms of criticism. We treat each and every dispute as an individual case with an aim to finding a solution that satisfies both parties. Raising a dispute using the correct channel, will not affect your rights as a customer, nor will it result in any kind of limitation of the services we offer to you.