Nitrazepam is popularly known by the brand name Mogadon and is effective in the short-term treatment of insomnia. It can be used to treat sleep onset as well as sleep maintenance insomnia. This medication has sedative, anxiolytic and anticonvulsant properties which make it particularly effective in the treatment of insomnia. It belongs to the benzodiazepine class of medications and became available for medical use in 1965.

Nitrazepam Dosage Instructions

The nitrazepam dosage should always be started on the lowest effective dose. The dose can be increased according to your individual needs and response to treatment. The following usage guidelines are recommended:

  • The tablet should be swallowed whole with a glass of water.
  • Mogadon tablets can be taken with or without food.
  • Take the medication just before bedtime.
  • If you take this medication on consecutive days and forget to take a dose, do not take a double dose to make up for the forgotten dose.
  • Do not take a second dose if you wake up during the night as this can lead to daytime drowsiness.

For best results, follow these nitrazepam dosage guidelines:

  • Adults: 5mg tablet once a day. The dose can be increased, if necessary, to a maximum of 10mg (Mogadon 10mg).
  • Elderly and debilitated patients: 2.5-5mg daily once a day.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose in 24 hours.

Nitrazepam Benefits

Mogadon 10mg tablets are highly effective at treating insomnia caused by anxiety. Some of the main benefits you can expect when you buy nitrazepam include the following:

  • A reduction in sleep onset latency which refers to the amount of time it takes to initiate sleep.
  • An increased duration of sleep which usually leads to feelings of daytime energy.
  • The treatment is well tolerated by most patients and unlikely to cause daytime drowsiness.
  • Side effects of this medication are rare and if experienced, they tend to be mild and short-lived.
  • You can use nitrazepam for anxiety to reduce feelings of worry that may prevent restful sleep.
  • This medication has a low risk for development of tolerance or dependence when used as recommended.
  • You can easily buy cheap nitrazepam online and benefit from cost savings.

The majority of people have had trouble sleeping due to feelings of nervousness and worry at some point. However, for some patients, this becomes a continuous cycle that results in long-term sleep deprivation. This can have a significant impact on a patient's overall well-being so finding an effective treatment is essential. When used as advised, this medication can help bring an end to episodes of poor sleep. Most often, it is effective on the first night of use and can improve sleep quality and increase total sleep time.

In addition to reducing sleep latency, this medication can be used to prevent nocturnal and early-morning awakenings. Waking up frequently during the night is known as middle-of-the-night insomnia. This condition is estimated to affect approximately one third of adults and usually leads to excessive daytime sleepiness. Anxiety and stress are a major cause of this condition whereby a patient may wake up during the night and find it difficult to return to sleep. Common symptoms of middle-of-the-night insomnia include:

  • Sleeping only for a short period of time then waking up.
  • Brief and frequent awakenings throughout the night.
  • Nonrestorative sleep which involves light sleep.
  • Waking up too early with difficulty sleeping again.

A patient with middle-of-the-night insomnia may ruminate about their worries leading to increased anxiety levels. The thought of not being able to sleep can increase anxiety further making sleep completely unattainable. Nitrazepam for sleep can, however, be used to relieve anxiety and prevent nighttime awakenings. This medication acts on GABA receptors in the central nervous system. Consequently, it increases GABA which is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate anxiety and nervousness when nerve cells become overactive. By increasing the activity of GABA, nitrazepam relaxes muscles, reduces anxiety and induces deep sleep.

In clinical studies, nitrazepam has been shown to significantly increase sleep efficiency. This refers to the duration of time spent in bed compared to total time spent asleep. A sleep efficiency of 85% is considered normal whereas less than 85% is regarded as poor. Being sleep efficient is important as it ensures that you wake up feeling well rested with energy for the day. People who are sleep efficient usually benefit from the following factors:

  • Memory - improved sleep helps you process information better and remember things easier.
  • Reduced stress levels - deeper sleep of higher quality can prevent the production of stress hormones.
  • Improved overall mood - a lack of sleep can result in feelings of irritability whereas better sleep helps you stay calm and relaxed.

Is Nitrazepam Safe for Everyone Not?

Nitrazepam is widely used due to its efficacy in treating insomnia. It continues to produce positive results with little to no side effects. However, there are some medical conditions that contraindicate the use of this medication. Mogadon tablets should not be used if you have any of the following conditions:

  • An allergy to benzodiazepine medications.
  • Myasthenia gravis which is a disorder of immune system that causes muscle weakness.
  • Sleep apnoea which involves breathing that temporarily stops while sleeping.
  • Severe liver or lung disease.
  • Porphyria which is a disorder of the skin or nervous system.

Nitrazepam Side Effects

Like all medicines, nitrazepam may cause side effects that are usually mild or moderate and tend to pass quickly. Not every patient experiences side effects, but up to 1 in 10 people could experience the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Reduced alertness
  • Drowsiness

If you experience reduced alertness, do not consume alcohol or perform any tasks that require a high level of concentration. This side effect tends to pass quickly if it does happen and usually diminishes over the course of treatment.

Tips on How to Use Nitrazepam to Achieve Optimum Results

It is important to recognise and follow directions and recommendations when taking this treatment for the best possible results.  The following usage guidelines apply:

  • Mogadon pills should be taken at the same time every day as this helps the body get used to the medication. It also helps form a schedule and ensure that dosages are not missed.
  • This medication can be taken with or without food. However, having a meal close to the time of dosage can slow down the absorption of the medication and delay the effects.
  • Make sure that you are able to get a full 6 to 8 hours of sleep before taking this medication. This will ensure that you benefit from restorative sleep and wake up feeling well rested.
  • The use of other sleeping tablets should not be used in conjunction with this medication. This can cause unpredictable side effects.

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